Department of Operational Work Management

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Direction of scientific activity of the department: formation of the technology of rail transportation on the basis of the development of intelligent control systems.

Location of the department

Kharkov, Feuerbach square, 7

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1 building, 4rd floor, 401 auditorium

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(057) 730-10-88

Direction of educational activity of the Department of OWM: preparation of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy of full-time and distance (distance) forms of education.

Preparation is carried out by specialty 275.02 Transport technology (railway transport).

Name of the educational programs of the Department of the OWM:

Organization of transportation and transport management

Organization of international transportation

Discipline Code of training, specialty / Steps learning
1 Operations management. 275.02 / Bachelor / Master
2 Safety of traffic and rules of technical operation of railways 275.02 / Bachelor
3 Fundamentals of Systems Theories and Control 275.02 / Bachelor
4 Organization of international transportation 275.02 / Master
5 Fundamentals of the theory of transport processes and systems 275.02 / Bachelor
6 Passenger transportation 275.02 / Bachelor
7 Fundamentals of scientific research and engineering creativity 275.02 / Bachelor
8 Information technology in the management of international traffic 275.02 / Bachelor
9 Information systems and technologies 275.02 / Master
10 Information systems and technologies 275.02 / Bachelor
11 General course of transport 275.02 / Bachelor
12 Systems of technologies of railway transport 073,076,075,072,071,051/ Bachelor
13 General course of railways 073,074,273,172,123,151/ Bachelor
14 Organization of high-speed transportation 275.02 / Master
15 Methods of mathematical and computer modeling 275.02 / Postgraduate
16 Methods of optimization of transport systems 275.02 / Postgraduate

All disciplines of the department have methodological support for implementation of practical works and course design.

Material and technical support of the department

In the educational process a computer control system of trains with a network of 7 stations and a DNS server equipped with a mini automatic telephone exchange, an interactive whiteboard with a multimedia projector, a laboratory of information systems and technologies, also provided with a multimedia complex; 2 computer classes.

New teaching technologies are used in testing students; at carrying out of laboratory and practical tasks; in computational work, course design; research work of students.

The software of the laboratory of computer control of the movement of trains was developed by the staff of the department.

In 2014, the modern laboratory on the organization of trains on behalf of Professor Danko MI was opened at the UES Department. The laboratory is equipped with 9 workplaces, as well as an interactive whiteboard with a multimedia projector that allows you to perform reports and conduct scientific and technical conferences..


In 2017 the laboratory of information systems and technologies named after the hero of Ukraine V. Zubenko was opened.