Faculty of Railway Operation and Management

Department of Railroad stations and junctions

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Direction of scientific activity of the department

Improvement of design and technological parametrs of railway station and junction. Automation of the main operation of the sorting process.

Location of the department

Kharkov, Feuerbach square, 7

1 building, 3rd floor, 304 auditorium

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(057) 730-10-42


Disciplines of the department

The department RSJ is profiled and teaches thirteen disciplines:

 1. Infrastructure and technology of freight and passenger transport;

 2. Design of railway infrastructure facilities;

 3. CAD of railway stations and junctions;

 4Organization of customs control on railway transport;

5. Research work on the topic of master's work;

6. Railway stations and junctions;

7. Custom on transport;

8. Formation of digital models of railway stations;

9. Customs risk analysis;

10. Control and customs clearance of freight traffic;

11. Designing of logistics complexes;

12. Fundamentals of railway design;

13. Fundamentals of scientific research and engineering.


Material and technical support of the department

Four academic audiences are assigned to the department, among them two lectures. Two of the lecture rooms is equipped with multimedia equipment. New information technologies are used in scientific and technical conferences, previous defense of dissertations of applicants for academic degree, protection of study and research and final qualification works, reading of lecture material and conducting practical classes.


External links

The department takes part in the development of the training documentation for the EU TEMPUS IV program on high-speed rail traffic in Ukraine, maintains close ties with production, cooperates with research and design and survey institutes in Ukraine, provides highly qualified advice, conducts technical expertise.

The production practice of the students assigned to the department is organized at such railway stations in Ukraine as the Base, Kharkov-Sortirovochny, Kupyansk-Sortirovochny, Darnitsa, Odessa-Sortirovochnaya, Lvov and many others.