Faculty of Information-control systems and technologies

Department of Computer Engineering and Control System

Last Updated: Monday, 04 June 2018 14:11

The Department "Computer Engineering and Control Systems" was established in 1964 at the faculty "Automation, Telemechanics and Communication" (ATC). Originally it was called "Calculation computers and devices". In 1967 the Department was renamed - "Electronics and Computer Engineering", and in 1975 the department received its modern name - "Computer Engineering and Control Systems" (CE and CS).

At the moment the staff of the Department consists of 16 people, among them: 6 Associate Professors, 4 Senior Lecturer, 1 assistant, 5 people teaching and support staff. The Head of the Department is Associate Professor, PhD Sergey Bantyukov.

The main direction of the Department is the preparation and formation of future specialists of the modern level of information and computer culture, the acquisition of practical skills in modern computer technology and the use of modern information technology to solve engineering problems.

The Department is general educational.

The Department's Staff conducts training in 12 basic disciplines for bachelors in all faculties and in all specialties of the university.

The Department conducts scientific activity: the teachers of the department take part in national and international scientific conferences, publish scientific works in international and specialized editions of Ukraine, prepare students for participation in scientific conferences. Annually, the department conducts the first round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in the direction "Computer Science", the winners of which became certified participants in the 2nd round.

The technical facilities of the Department includes 7 computer laboratories, equipment for visual accompaniment of lecture and laboratory classes that provide the modern level of the educational process and the organization of research and independent work of students.

The chair conducts active vocational guidance work in the fixed schools and lyceums of the city of Kharkov and the region.

Since 2010, the department operates an Internet radio station "Radio VTSU".

The radio station was created thanks to the creative enthusiasm of the Head of the Laboratory Isayenko K., with the support of the university's management and the department. Leading radio stations are students and teachers of our university and other Kharkiv Universities. Student music and entertainment radio station is an independent and non-commercial project. The name of the station "Radio VTSU" is an abbreviation for the name of the department "Computer Engineering and Control Systems".

In 2010, the Department created an exposition on the history of computer technology, which presents samples of computer technology from the first mechanical computing devices to computers of our days. A number of exhibits are in public access, and visitors can work on them.