Faculty of Information-control systems and technologies

Disciplines of the Department

Last Updated: Friday, 27 April 2018 16:33

Department's Staff of the conducts training in basic disciplines related to the use of computer technology, for bachelors of all faculties in all directions.

The educational process of the disciplines of the department is conducted according to the curricula and corresponding programs from the following forms of studying:

  • daytime education — full and short form of studying;
  • extramural education — full and short form of studying.

Disciplines read at the department:

  • Algorithmization and programming;
  • Computer architecture and peripherals;
  • Computer engineering and programming;
  • Computer science;
  • Information systems and technologies;
  • Computer technology and organization of computing;
  • Computer hardware and programming;
  • Mathematical methods and models;
  • Mathematical models computers;
  • Mathematical modeling of machines;
  • System software;
  • Numerical methods and computer modeling.

In the preparation of students in the main specialties, the real needs of railroad enterprises of Ukraine and their requirements for the formation of relevant knowledge, skills and habits are taken into account. When studying the disciplines of the department used training and monitoring programs, test tasks, television and other technical means. The structure of classes - lectures, practical and laboratory work. Laboratory work is carried out on PC.