Faculty of Information-control systems and technologies

Radio «VТSU»

Last Updated: Friday, 25 May 2018 06:32

Since May 12, 2010 the Internet radio station «Radio VTSU»  has been working at the Department.

The radio station was created thanks to the creative enthusiasm of the head of the laboratory Isaenko K. and the support of the leadership of the University and the Department. The leading radio stations are students and teachers of our University and other Kharkov Universities.

Student music and entertainment radio station is an independent and non-commercial project. The name of the station «Radio VTSU»  is an abbreviation for the name of the Department.

24 hours a music and entertainment program is available for listeners: charts, music programs, programs for applications, interviews with university teachers and management, famous musicians and performers, talk shows.

On holidays, the radio is broadcast on a big change in the university's radio network, students, teachers and University staff can receive useful information and congratulations directly from the University's management.

The radio works in music formats: dance, pop, disco, r'n'b. The station also broadcasts programs created by the metropolitan syndication company FDR Radio Centers.