Faculty of Information-control systems and technologies

Department's Staff

Last Updated: Tuesday, 08 January 2019 09:50

Professors and teachers:

      1. Associate Professor, PhD Sergiy Bantyukov
      2. Associate Professor, PhD Oleksandra Golovko
      3. Associate Professor Victor Merkulov
      4. Associate Professor, PhD Victor Pchelin
      5. Senior Lecturer Iryna Biziuk
      6. Senior Lecturer Оlga Penkina (responsible for the website support)
      7. Senior Lecturer Alexander Сhalenko
      8. Senior Lecturer Roman Yarovoy (Limanskiy branch)
      9. Assistant Olexandr Kazаnkо

Assisting personnel:

    1. Head of the laboratory, assistant Kostyantin Isayenko
    2. Senior laboratory assistant Yana Prazukina
    3. Engineer Olga Strelets
    4. Laboratory assistant Anton Safronov
    5. Laboratory assistant Victoriia Тuz