Faculty of Railway Operation and Management

About Department

Last Updated: Monday, 17 September 2018 17:17

Topics of research activity:

Development and improvement of methods and technologies for freight and commercial management in the organization of the transportation process.

List of main subjects:

  1. «Freight transportation»,
  2. «Organization of transportation of hazardous goods»,
  3. «Organization of cargo operations»,
  4. «Freight forwarding activity»,
  5. «Transport law»,
  6. «Transportation tariffs»,
  7. «Cargo studies and cargo security»
  8. «Commercial operation of railways» etc.

Material and technical equipment

During the last period, the teachers of the department “Freight and Commercial Management” have published 2 textbooks, 3 monographs, 6 work books, one of them was officially approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, more than 300 articles and 85 methodological developments, and 21 copyright certificates was received. The teaching and methodological aids of the department are constantly updated.

For effective organization of the educational process, applications have been developed in the specialized classes of the Faculty of Railway Operation and Management for the fulfillment by students of individual tasks, graduate project designing, as well as teaching and testing different subjects. The complex of these applications covers almost all the material being taught in the professionally-oriented subjects.

External connections

The department cooperates with such organizations as the Commercial Management and Marketing Department of the Southern Railway Branch of Ukrzaliznytsia PJSC, Kharkiv-Vantazhny, Kharkiv-Balashivsky, Kharkiv-Sortuvalny stations, etc.

In order to improve teaching, the department together with other departments of the Ukrainian University of Railway Transport maintains close links with the leading Ukrainian and the CIS universities, namely: Belarusian State University of Transport (Gomel) - Department of Freight and Commercial Management; Dnipropetrovsk Academician V. Lazaryan National University of Railway Transport (Dnipro), State University of Transport Economy and Technology (Kyiv), Priazovsky State Technical University (Mariupol), Odessa National Maritime University (Odessa), Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University ( Kharkiv), etc.