Faculty of Railway Operation and Management

History of the Department

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The department of railway stations and junctions was established in 1918 on the basis of Kiev Institute of National Economy. The first one was the professor M. Glickman. In 1927, the department as part of the Faculty of Exploitation of Communications was to the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In the autumn of 1929, it was the profiling chair of the newly established Kiev Institute of Railways. In 1934 the department together with the faculty was transferred to the Kharkov institute of Railway Transport Engineers.

In autumn 1941, the department together with the institute was evacuated to Tashkent, where it functioned until 1943 at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers.

In 1958, Assoc. B. Zlatkovsky, on instructions from the Government, gave lectures at the Shanghai Institute of Transport Engineers (PRC).

In 1934, the department had the name of stations and junctions, which was headed by the teacher N. Andrianovsky. Later in different years the department was headed by: Assoc. V. Kipteliy (1935), cand. of tech. Sciences, Assoc. A. Dolaberidze (1936-1974, since 1953 - prof.), cand. of tech. Sciences, Assoc. A. Shipulin (1974-1984), cand. of tech. Sciences, Assoc. E. Nagorny (1984-2000, since 1994 - prof.), cand. of tech. Sciences, Assoc. I. Berestov (2000-2012). Since 2012, today the department is headed by dr. tech. sciences, prof. A. Ohar.

In 1995, the department of stations and junctions merged with the department of freight and commercial management and became known as "Stations and junctions, freight and commercial work." Since 2000, the divided department has received the name "Railway stations, junctions and organization of customs control." In 2004, the department was renamed into "Railway stations and junctions " and it was named after prof. A. Dolaberidze.

A. Dolaberidze was born on December 12, 1907 in the village of Maglaki of the Kutaisi province. After graduating from the gymnasium in 1926 with a gold medal, he entered Tbilisi Polytechnic University, and in 1930 - to the Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers for the operational faculty. After graduating from the institute in 1932 with honors, A. Dolaberidze entered postgraduate studies.

Under the guidance of academician V. Obraztsov in 1935, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Investigating the main resistance when sliding wagons from a marshalling yard". In August of the same year, he was transferred to Kharkov and appointed head of the department "Stations and junctions, STS and communications". In 1947, A. Dolaberidze for the first time in the USSR created a scientific and experimental on the station Osnova, which became the basis for the creation and implementation of the latest developments in the field of improving technology and technical equipment of sorting stations.

In 1953, he received the degree of doctor of technical sciences, defending his thesis on "The theory of calculation of mechanized marshalling yards, and in 1955 he was awarded the academic title of professor. The scientist's works and inventions were interested of many countries. Since 1958, delegations from Germany, Japan, China, and Czechoslovakia came to HIIT. Abroad, analogues of the inventions of the professor at the largest sorting stations of Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, the USA and others began to appear.

A. Dolaberidze is the author of more than 50 scientific papers, including the textbook "Automation of the work of sorting stations." He was awarded the Order of Honor and the Red Banner of Labor, a badge for the Honorable Railway Worker, medals for Labor Distinction, For Valorous Labor in the Great Patriotic War and other awards.

Among outstanding graduates of the department of different years is worth mentioning N. Yushchenko - the former rector of DIIT, G. Kirpa - the former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine, O. Kryuchkov - the former head of the Donetsk railway N. Luhanin - the deputy general Director of Ukrzaliznytsia, A. Bavik - Deputy Head of the South-Eastern Railway (RF), Y. Mukha - prof. of department of the station and junctions of the DIIT.