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Кафедральне життя УПП УВКР

On April 13, 2017, the head of the department “Freight and Commercial Management”, Professor O.V. Lavrukhin organized a tour for the first-year students of specialization "Transport service: law and logistics" of group 18-I-TSL. Participants of the excursion visited the structural unit “Commercial Management and Marketing” of the regional branch "Southern Railway" of Ukrzaliznytsya OJSC and learned about the work of its departments. The students were explained in detail about the organization of the work of the record and claim department, the methodology of investigating loss and damage claims, accounting for cases of unsafe transportation, consideration of claims of consignors and consignees that arise during the cargo transportation in relation to payments and custody of goods, settlements between railways for satisfied claims and claims for loss, shortage, injury and damage to goods. The tour was very interesting, informative and had practical importance for effective learning of theoretical courses of the main subjects of the railway management.