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The department includes the branch research laboratory «Providing safety of cargoes during transportation and conditions of transportation».

The scientific supervisor of the laboratory is Professor V.M. Zapara.

Запара Віктор Мефодійович

A number of scientific developments have been developed and implemented over the years of the existence of the laboratory, namely:

  1. Development of cargo placement and fastening schemes in all-purpose cars (authors: A.M. Kotenko, V.M. Zapara, V.M. Gritsenko, A.O. Polyakov).

    For transportation on the railways of Ukraine more than 400 different cargo placement and fastening schemes in all-purpose cars (low-sided car, covered cars and platforms) have been developed and introduced, guaranteeing both the safety of trains and the safety of cargoes and cars.

  2. Development of the theory of reliability of cargo fastening parts in cars and improvement of the theory of calculations of forces acting on cargoes during their transportation by rail (authors: A.M. Kotenko, A.O. Polyakov, D.I. Mkrtychyan).

    For the first time in the CIS, the theory of reliability of cargo fastening parts in cars has been developed and substantiated, which allows to eliminate falling of cargoes during transportation and to guarantee traffic safety and safety of cargoes within the delivery period. The theory of calculating forces acting on the cargo enabling more accurate calculations of fastening was improved.

  3. Rules of transportation of liquid cargoes (authors: V.M. Zapara, V.M. Gritsenko, A.O. Polyakov).

    The draft rules developed in the laboratory were approved by Order of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine No. 299 dd. April 18, 2003 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on July 07, 2003 under No. 558/7879. The Rules ensure the safety and fire safety of liquid cargoes along the line of transportation by rail.

  4. Improvement and development of combined transport in the Ukrainian railways (authors: A.M. Kotenko, V.G. Kushnirchuk, V.I. Petrov).

    In 2004, combined en route transportation Illichivsk-Kiev-Klaipeda was organized. During this year, 54 trains were sent, in which 134 road trains and 944 large-tonnage containers were transported. 48 pairs of combined trains were sent on the route Lugansk-Kiev-Slavkovo, which included 1,628 trains.

  5. Technical conditions for issuing transportation documents and car sealing (authors: A.M. Kotenko, A.O. Polyakov, V.M. Zapara).

    Licensed TUs have been developed and approved by the head of the Main Commercial Department of Ukrzaliznytsia S.P. Alenichev. They provide for the improvement of the quality of transport services for cargo owners and cargo safety.

  6. Research and development of methods of organization of transportation based on the principles of logistics for transporting cargoes in all-purpose containers of Ukrzaliznytsia (authors: A.M. Kotenko, V.G. Kushnirchuk, V.I. Petrov).

    The research on introduction of principles of logistics during transportation of cargoes in all-purpose containers of Ukrzaliznytsia have been carried out, which allowed in 2004 to reduce the total turnover of containers by Ukrzaliznytsia by 8.97 days, including large ones – by 1.72 days, and increase the volumes of cargo transportation in containers. Studies on the movement of containers in the trains were conducted for the route Ukraine – European countries, which will significantly reduce the length of the container traffic on the route China – Europe.

  7. Development of methods for increasing the efficiency of use of freight cars of various forms of ownership in the new conditions (authors: D.V. Lomotko, V.M. Zapara et al.).

    For the first time in UkrSURT (during the years of Ukrainian independence), the research was carried out on request of the Direction of the Board of Railway Transport of the CIS members. The method for estimation of the economic efficiency of use of freight cars in the creation of the Unified system for cargo transportation in cars was proposed. The rates for use of freight cars of different categories for different forms of ownership were calculated.

  8. Research and development of proposals for provision of high-quality cargo protection against theft during transportation by the Southern railway (authors: O.V. Lavrukhin, V.M. Zpara, A.O. Obukhov, Y.V. Zapara et al.).

    According to the proposals concerning introduction of new technical solutions, the economic effect of their implementation on the basis of predicted amounts of losses from thefts by the types of accountable property has been determined. The development will improve the technology of protecting goods against theft transported through the territory of the regional branch “Southern Railway” of Ukrzaliznytsya PJSC and can be used in other regional branches in Ukraine.

  9. Regulatory document «Instruction on the accounting procedure for loading and unloading of freight cars» (authors: V.M. Zapara, A.L. Obukhova, Ya.V. Zapara et al.).

    The developed regulatory document provides for accounting and reporting in accordance with the new requirements at the current stage of automation, reliable and high-quality automated accounting and reporting. It is intended for use by employees of the Department of Statistics, the Department of Commercial Management, the Department of Traffic Management and relevant departments of regional branches, railway transportation directorates, stations.

  10. Formation and ways of implementation of organizational and technological model of use of freight cars in international transportations(authors: O.V. Lavrukhin, V.M. Zapara, G.S. Baulin et al.).

    The proposed model provides for the necessity of forming a transport process which would take into account the interaction of railway enterprises of all states of the “Network 1520”, as well as interaction of railway administrations and cargo car owners. The approaches to operative management of train and car movement through the railway operating domains have been developed to ensure the quality of provided transport services, and the directions of increasing the efficiency of the Ukrainian transport system for international rail transportation on the basis of logistic approaches have been specified, taking into account the current situation in international transportation.

As part of the development of the topic, monograph was published «Trends in the development of car and train management technology in the international traffic through Ukraine». The branch research laboratory is actively involved in patenting. Since the establishment of the laboratory, more than 20 Ukrainian patents for inventions and utility models in all areas of activity of the branch research laboratory have been registered.

Among them, special importance for cargo-making enterprises have, for example, the following ones:

  • Patent for utility model No. 84955 «Method of transportation of cargo in a railway car and its unloading on a rotary car shaker» (registered in the Ukrainian State Register of Patents for Utility Models on November 11, 2013);
  • Patent for invention No. 105309 «Method of gravity unloading bulk cargo from gondolas and movement of cars after unloading» (registered in the Ukrainian State Register of Patents for Inventions on April 25, 2014);
  • Patent for utility model No. 102779 «Method of monitoring the technical condition of cars with hazardous goods during transportation» (registered in the Ukrainian State Register of Patents for Utility Models on November 25, 2015).

The department constantly expands the package of applications with the developments of the laboratory, modern mathematical methods and automated workplaces of specialists are used for teaching. All this significantly contributes to improved level and quality of using modern information technology by students.

The department cooperates with such organizations as the Commercial Management and Marketing Department of the Southern Railway Branch of Ukrzaliznytsia PJSC, Kharkiv-Vantazhny, Kharkiv-Balashivsky, Kharkiv-Sortuvalny stations, etc.

In order to improve the work of the branch research laboratory of the Department “Freight and Commercial Management”, close links with the leading Ukrainian and the CIS universities are maintained, in particular, with the Belarusian National Technical University (Department of Freight and Commercial Management), the State University of Transport Economy and Technology, Mariupol Institute of Transport and Logistics.

Specialists of the branch research laboratory of the Department “Freight and Commercial Management” have the relevant experience and facilities for applied developments:

  • Unified technological operation processes for the access railway lines and connecting stations;
  • Cargo loading and fastening schemes in the rolling stock;
  • Certificates of access railway lines;
  • Maintenance instructions for the access railway lines, etc.



Address: room 1.303, 7 Feuerbach sq., Kharkiv, 61050

Tel. (057) 730-21-97

Scientific supervisor of the research laboratory: PhD in Sci. Eng., prof. V.M. Zapara

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